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Product no.: 00000 2

For these price your self delivered engine would be fragmented and cleaned. Than we calibrate all. If everything is in a good condition, we put some new big end bearing, piston rings, timing chain and gasket kits into. Now we start a test run by test bench. If there is something more broken-down, we inform you by eMail.

By the way, we can send your engine in Germany by DHL.

TIPP: NEVER drive more than 4600-4800 rotation - So you have a lot of fun with your Car!

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Product no.: 00005

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Product no.: 46011

We also have complete wheels No: 46089

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Product no.: 46089

Scope of delivery:

1 oldtimer tires 45030
1 Inner tube 45060
1 wheel rim 46011

NEW DOT ( have a look at Item Number 45030)

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Product no.: 11111 126[1]
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Product no.: 64090

Bowden cables guide for all Fiat 500 F/L/R and Fiat 126 1x Hand brake cable 1x Speedometer cable 1x Choke-draft 1x Accelerator cable .

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