!!!!! Engine on exchange 650 cm³ - THRE-PHASE CURRENT - ready for instalation with all parts

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with three-phase current altenator. NEW/ REBUILT: altenator, clutch, cam, crankshaft, main bearing, connecting rod bearing, carburetor, fan wheel

Delivery time: 6 weeks after receipt of disposit.

Note: Special shipping/ single pack!

Shipping cost Germany = + à 250.-€

Shipping cost EU = + à 350.-€

This article is a on exchange part. There is also an old part disposit to be payable.
More about old part disposit can be found in our area Information/Old part disposit.

"Separate warranty and liability" for this product as part of our Terms and Conditions/AGB.

§3.1 Separate warranty and liability for engines and gears
1. Changing Engine and or gearbox is only allowed for persons who are qualified and who are familiar with old Fiat Twin Engines and who are familiar with the specialities of these engines.
2. For defects of the goods Firma Fiat Fischer 500 is liable for defects according „Massgabe der gesetzlichen Bestimmungen des Kaufrechts / legal rules of the purchase" (§§ 434 ff. BGB) and if the customer is also the user according „Verbrauchsgüterkaufrecht/German Consumer Goods Purchase Law“ (§§474 ff.BGB).
3. The parts are „used items“ which are reconditioned by Firma Fiat Fischer 500 which means that liability against any company is not possible in any case. For users the warranty period for used articles known as „Gewährleistungsfrist der Rechte/warranty period for the rights from §437 Nr.1 and 3 BGB“ different from §438 Abs.1 Nr.3BGB is shortened to 1 year starting from the start of the legal period.
4. The seller is generally not liable for slightly negligent done damages by anybody.
5. Liability restrictions for previous numbers 2, 3 and 4 are not valid for damages from hurting life, body or healthiness, malicious concealing of defects, claims out of the so called „Produkthaftungsgesetz/German Product Liability Act" ducting of duties which need to be obeyed to be able to fulfill this contract and on which the customer usually can rely on.
6. Unqualified usage of the goods, including interventions of the customer or by third persons (i.e. workshops), will lead to seizing of the liability if these persons are the reason for the damage or defect. A possible contributory negligence from Firma Fiat Fischer 500 has to be respected accordingly.
7. Defect attachments as well as wrongly attached parts can result in damage to the engine! In this case liability / warranty is cancelled, with the exception that these defect attachments or these wrongly attached parts are not the genuine reason for the defects.
8. Never exceed max RPM otherwise you may get at a „ piston tipover“  or seizure of the piston, which will lead to a cancelled warranty / liability, except the engine or gearbox is defect for additional other reasons.
RPM limits for run-in engines:
- Type 110 F and Giardiniera (120) engine:  max. 4500 RPM.
- Type 126 A or 126 A1 engine: max. RPM 4800.


Requirements for FIAT 500 / FIAT 126 / FIAT Giardiniera engines and
engines without attachments

For installation and initial start up of the engine the following is absolute necessary to obey:

1. Only use oilsinks with oilcooling and check that the tank is rust free.
2. With 126 A /126 A1 and tuned engine a fuel return line into the tank is mandatory.
3. Tuned engine are only allowed to be operated with the correct gearbox.
4. All attachement parts have to be functioning 100% correct.
5. Only use the following oil specifications: Summertime SAE 30, Wintertime SAE 20W-50, because with the old oil- /cogwheelpumps it could lead to loss of oilpressure if the oil is too thin.
6. Following installations only for engines without attachments. Complete engine next Point 11
7. When attaching the panels to the oil sink make sure there are no leaks ! Make sure everything is sealed and leakfree and no cooling air is escaping ! If there is a leak at the ventilation box it needs to be sealed i.e. with silicone.
8. After is fitted, engine into the car and refill engine with oil to correct level. Pump up oilpressure with sparkplugs removed. Only when oilpressure warning light is extinguished reinstall spark plugs. Afterwards close sparkplug openings with the rubbercaps due to cooling. Turn oil centrifugal filter with the marking 10 degree ( = 1 cm ) bevor the upper deadpoint (OT) counterclockwise. Now install the distributor cap. Make sure the interruptor is short of opening. Refit distibutor finger and distributorcap. Start engine at 800 RPM 10 degrees before the OT-arrow. now you can accelerate the engine to 2500 RPM. Then the advancer of the distributer has to run back 30° ( = 3 cm) before the OT(upper deadpoint) arrow using the flashpistol. If necessary readjust.
9. Run the engine with 2800 RPM for 15 minutes till it is at operating temperature.
10. After that cool down engine. Then retighten the cylinderhead with 35 NM.
11. Only use Super Plus 98 octan unleaded fuel.
12. Max speed:

First 700km
1.Gear 15 km/h 2.Gear 25 km/h 3.Gear40 km/h 4.Gear 60 km/h

from 700km to 1.500km
1.Gear20 km/h 2.Gear 30 km/h 3.Gear 50 km/h 4.Gear 75 km/h

13. After 100km readjust valves (A 0,20  mm / E 0,20 mm). Note: On the first 1000km you should regularly check the valves. after 100km retighten the cylinder head with cold engine to 35Nm.
14. After 500km: change oil for the first time, retighten the cylinder head with cold engine to 35Nm and check valve adjustment (A 0,20 / E 0,20)
 15. After 1000km change oil for the 2. time and retighten all screws.
 16. After 5000 km 3.rd oilchange has to be done and oilfilter has to be cleaned.
 17. After that change oil and clean the oil centrifugal filter every 10000km.
 18. Important: Never exceed max RPM for the engine otherwise it can end in piston tipover or piston seizure RPM limits for run-in engines:
- Type 110 F and Giardiniera (120) engine:  max. 4500 RPM.
- Type 126 A or 126 A1 engine: max. 4800 RPM.





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