After dedicating all my attention and love to vintage cars for over 40 years, I now count myself among the vintage cars and would like to sell my company. I hope to find someone soon who will share my love and take over my well-run company.
I have 4 different options for buying or taking over the company:
1st option:
Only the online shop with all the files for buying and selling. Everything is pre-installed there.

2nd option:
Option 1 including the entire warehouse with parts from Fiat 500 / 126 / 126 BIS

3rd option:
Option 1 plus Option 2 plus workshop with lifting platform and all the used parts, such as: engines, gears, tools and various small parts

4th option:
Options 1 to 3 plus workshop, house and yard with storage rooms and garages.

Credit required!
I would like to ask you to contact me personally by e-mail about price expectations.

Thank you for your many years of loyalty
Hans Joachim Fischer
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Tank - NEW - , VA, Repro - with TÜV-Certificate

Product no.: 53051

1,158.00 *
In stock

Rebuild sheet for rack and pinion steering without welding

Product no.: 50009

510.00 *
In stock

Crankshaft (Italy) NEW with main bearings and connecting end bearing

Product no.: 11040 v+h

600.00 *
In stock

Window crank 500 L NEW

Product no.: 80082

12.00 *
In stock

Breakerless ignition system without distributor

Product no.: 54016

484.38 *
In stock

Taillight 126 complete with gasket, left side

Product no.: 58032 BIS

38.71 *
In stock

Taillight 126 BIS complete with gasket, right side

Product no.: 58031 BIS

38.71 *
In stock

Anti - collision light converter kit - complete -

Product no.: 60101

15.00 *
In stock

timing chain set - strengthened from Italy

Product no.: 15280

30.00 *
In stock

!!!!! Rear door station wagon

Product no.: 74264

620.00 *
In stock
Delivery period: 3 working days

Seat belt automatic - SET (2 pieces) driver and passenger

Product no.: 70060

120.00 *
In stock

Brake drum FRONT (unit price )

Product no.: 41030

26.00 *
In stock

Brake drum REAR unit price high quality

Product no.: 41040

22.00 *
In stock

Laminated spring - NEW - Fiat 500 D/F/L/G & 126er

Product no.: 48010

84.00 *
In stock
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery