Exchange parts

Exchange parts / Deposit for returnable old parts

Exchange parts are needed because they will be repaired / renewed again.For those renewable parts you have to pay a so called "Old Parts Deposit", which you have to pay extra when you buy one of these parts.
The amount of this deposit depends on the individual Exchange Part and you will find it in the product description as an aditional amount ( including V.A.T.).
It is not complicated and works like this :

1. After you received the part you ordered, you send the old part back to us.
The conditions for that is:
• You, the buyer, have to pay in full for the shipping / postage of the old parts to us. If the shipping is not paid in full by you, we will not accept it.

• The content of the returned parts must be the same in number or pieces and the parts must not have breakages or have cracks.

• You need to enclose your name, address and bank details with it.

2. After we received and checked your exchange parts, we immediatelly will transfer your so called " Old Parts Deposit" ( incl. V.A.T.) onto the bank account you gave us with the return mail.